Biffy Clyro

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Puzzle 12" Vinyl Click for larger image

Puzzle 12" Vinyl

Biffy Clyro Puzzle 12" Vinyl

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Puzzle 12" Vinyl


Puzzle 12" Vinyl


SIDE A 1. Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies 2. Saturday Superhouse 3. Who's Got A Match?
IDE B 4. As Dust Dances 2. 15ths 5. A Whole Child Ago 6. The Conversation Is ...
SIDE C 7. Now I'm Everyone 8. Semi-Mental 4. 15ths 9. Love Has A Diameter 10. Get Fucked Stud
SIDE D 11. Folding Stars 12. 9/15ths 13. Machines 14. Drop It

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