Opposites Anniversary Vinyl  + Jigsaw Bundle

Opposites Anniversary Vinyl + Jigsaw Bundle

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Bundle includes:

• Black Chandelier/Biblical Vinyl

• Opposite/Victory Over The Sun Vinyl

• Opposites Jigsaw Puzzle

3 part bundle including 'Black Chandelier/Biblical' and 'Opposite/Victory Over The Sun' on vinyl and 500-piece square shaped jigsaw puzzle featuring the ‘Opposites’ album artwork.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Biffy Cyro’s sixth studio album ‘Opposites’, the band are releasing the four EPs from the era ‘Black Chandelier/Biblical’ and ‘Opposite/Victory Over The Sun’ on vinyl for the very first time. These LPs will also be the first 12” to be pressed on sustainable ‘BioVinyl’ material globally by WMG. BioVinyl is an innovative product using bio-based PVC in the production process, without losing any of the acoustic quality of a conventional vinyl record. This release features the singles ‘Black Chandelier’ and ‘Biblical’.

Black Chandelier/Biblical Vinyl

Side A – Black Chandelier
•        Black Chandelier
•        The Rain
•        Thundermonster
•        Milky
•        City of Dreadful Night

Side B - Biblical
•        Biblical
•        Fingerhut
•        Watch
•        Euphoria

Opposite/Victory Over The Sun Vinyl

Side A - Opposite
•        Opposite
•        Sorry and Thanks
•        A Tragic World Record
•        Wooden Souvenir
•        Feverish

Side B – Victory Over The Sun
•        Victory Over The Sun
•        A Lonely Crowd
•        Fingers and Toes
•        No I’m Not Down
•        Break A Butterfly On A Wheel